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Having a firm grasp on how the scriptures define and understand submission is a prerequisite to honoring Christ in our marriage (and, honestly, in all of our lives). But most followers of Jesus don’t understand submission and, therefore, haven’t properly incorporated it into their lives. Here are a few examples of that.

Husbands get submission wrong…

  • When they think it means they can demand anything from their wives.
  • When they think their wives are sinning by ignoring their every wish.
  • When they think submission doesn’t apply to them.
  • When they feel some superiority because God instructs wives to be submissive.

Wives get submission wrong…

  • When they think it means they can’t have their own thoughts or opinions.
  • When they think it means they should tolerate an abusive situation.
  • When they think they can’t be vocal or passionate about important family matters.
  • But also, when they think it’s old fashioned and optional.

Here is a working definition of submission from the scriptures we studied together: Even though equal in dignity, submission is voluntarily lowering oneself to serve another and/or to respect another’s authority to see the purposes of God achieved.  (See sermon PDF for full transcript of sermon.)