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Posts from November 2020

The Story

The Story truly is the story we are all living. The themes that God has set forth are the very themes that make up any great story. Something beautiful and good is threatened by forces that seem to act contrary to what is good. There is a tension that builds that can only be resolved…

Church with Children

I sure remember what it was like to attend church with young children. I spent many Sundays pacing the foyer to keep my loud infant or my busy toddler from distracting others. For those months (and years! … I have 5 children), it was often hard to get the nourishment from the sermon that I…

Virtual Awana Starts Dec 2

We miss Awana! It is a delight to walk alongside kids as they learn about God and the Bible, and we miss doing that each week at Awana. Guess what?  We can still do that together! God’s Word is something we all need, and we have access to it even if we are not meeting…