One of the primary ways we grow to know and love God more is through reading and studying His Word.  We do this to gain knowledge, but not just for knowledge sake.  Our aim at First Baptist Church is to study the Scriptures in a way that helps us see and treasure God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible. As we do that, our hearts grow to love Him and desire to follow His design for our life and love the people He puts in our path. Studying the Scriptures with others who want to grow and learn is essential to becoming these kinds of people, which is why we offer Bible study groups for both men and women through the year. 

Below are the Bible studies we currently offer. Click the title links for more details or contact the church office 715-748-4936.

Women’s Book Study – Why I Believe  

Tuesdays | 9-11AM | FBC – Room 119 |April 2 – May 21

First Light Women’s Bible Study – Book of Habakkuk 

Thursdays | 6AM-6:45 AM |FBC – Room 118 | Oct 5 – May 23

Men’s Bible Study – Book of Deuteronomy 

Thursdays 6AM-6:50AM | FBC – Room 119 | Study: Book of Deuteronomy | Sept 15 – May 23