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Posts from December 2020

21 Days of IMpactful Prayer

We are one of a large number of churches from across the globe affiliated with the Converge movement that will be holding 21 Days of Prayer. Imagine what will happen when churches around the world focus wholeheartedly on communicating with our amazing God through prayer. Your power to be used by him to effect change…

Light in the Darkness

by: Pastor Kim, Interim Lead Pastor One of the joys of Christmas is taking time off from work and the normal pressures of life. We often schedule our vacation to give ourselves a break. There is one truth however that continually stares us in the face, “Life doesn’t stop for Christmas.” We can’t schedule a…

Is Honey Sweet? Bible Reading for 2021

by: Pastor Tim, Pastor of Discipleship Is honey sweet? Most everyone would surely answer, “Yes, of course!” But how do you know that honey is sweet? One person might never have tasted it themselves (too bad for them!), but have been told that honey is sweet and believed it. This is one way of knowing.…

Missionary Spotlight

Dec 20 | 9:45-10:30 AM during Adult Sunday School | in Gym Sherri Paulson grew up at FBC and is one of our supported missionaries serving in Ghana. Come hear from Sherri about what God is doing in Ghana, some praises, and prayer requests.

Church Unity

by Pastor Tim, Pastor of Discipleship We are living in times when evil is abounding. Most of us agree with this. What we can’t all agree on what is the evil. Here are some popular candidates: minorities or majorities; Democrats or Republicans; protestors or police; the people or the government; Biden or Trump; Covid-19 or…