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Register for Sunday School (K-12th)

Registration is open for Sunday School (Kindergarten-6th, Ignite, and Elevate). Sunday School begins September 13. Take a few moments to register your children ahead of time to help our teachers plan and prepare. 

Sign up for Galatians Women’s Study

Which gospel are you relying on? The church in Galatia faced a choice between two “gospels,” two ways of approaching a relationship with God, two ways of looking at life. Let’s see what God says through His apostle. Paul will show us how problems in our Christian life stem from forgetting or failing to live…

The Story

Everyone loves a good story. We love the development of the characters. We become hooked in as the tension develops through an increasingly complex story line. We experience the forces of both good and evil in the story. We anticipate how the dilemma we have become engrossed in will eventually find its resolution. We cheer…