First Baptist Church
Worship Services
Sundays 8:30 AM & 10:45 AM

Sunday Services

Sunday Services

Hundreds of people come to our Sunday services every weekend. We come looking for encouragement and challenges to live a life worth living. Here is what you can expect at our Sunday morning services: A casual but eager atmosphere. We enjoy a comfortable atmosphere where people enjoy one another, but we come eagerly with anticipation for God to encourage and challenge us.

Inspirational music. Singing songs of praise and adoration help direct our hearts Godward in preparation for the teaching of God’s word and reminds and teaches us so powerfully about the greatness of our God. Put to live instrumentation, we enjoy singing meaningful songs of worship from all kinds of generations.

We lay open the scriptures and unashamedly believe God has revealed himself through the Bible. Romans 10:17 states, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” That is what we want… faith, and faith is produced by hearing the word, the message of Jesus Christ. This is what we proclaim.

A sense of belonging. There are only a few things more meaningful then being part of a community intent on pursuing the greatest treasure imaginable. If you feel alone and separated from something great and momentous, come and participate in this community on Sunday morning.

New Sermon Series

Where did this world come from? Who or what put it together? This Sunday we are beginning a new sermon series called The Lord, Our Maker. We will explore together the important truth of God as our Creator and what it means for us to be His creation. A lot more is at stake with this issue than…

Cat & Dog Theology Conference at FBC

FREE Conference for the entire family!   Saturday, March 4   4:00-7:00 PM  (Catered dinner provided.)  Registration is closed for Saturday’s sessions.   Sunday, March 5    8:30 -or- 10:45 AM    No registration required for the Sunday session.  Come either time to partake in the conference.  What is Cat & Dog Theology? No, it’s not…

In God We Trust Sermon Series

2-14:  God is Our Help and Our Shield (Listen to it online HERE) 2-21:  Being Wise in Political Engagement (Listen to it online HERE) 2-28:  God’s Role for the State and its Officials (Listen to it online HERE) 3-06:  A Lesson from History; Germany 1933-1945 (Listen to it online HERE) 3-13:  Should Christians Be Patriotic?…

New Sermon Series Coming Soon

Sunday, Nov. 1 we will be starting a 5 week sermon series on Church Leadership. Does that sound like a snoozer to you? It might to some, and I can understand why. We like hearing sermons about exciting or controversial topics like demons, politics and Revelation (Oh, please Lord, have pastor preach from Revelation!) But…

Questions selected

You have submitted your questions and I have put together a sermon schedule for the next 6 weeks. Below are the questions I’ll be addressing in this series. Thanks so much for your participation and I’m sure God will help us think through these questions with his word so we can continue to live with…

Good question sermon series

What questions are you having about God and life? Are you wondering how to faithfully follow Jesus in 2015 in light of all the cultural changes taking place, yet still be a loving presence to others? Submit those questions to me as I am preparing another “Good Question!” sermon series starting Sept. 27. I want…