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How to Come to Church

By Pastor Tim Becker Have you ever arrived at church on a Sunday morning with an attitude that stinks? I have. If this has happened to you, I’ll bet you too have experienced the negative pull it has on your worship time. Instead of coming with ears open to hearing from Jesus, you come with…

Guest Speaker, Mike Evans

Mike Evans has served as pastor and church planter since the early 80’s. Mike served as Lead Pastor of Palatine Bible Church, Palatine, IL, then in international missions with Slavic Gospel Association, and The Bible League. In 1997, Mike and his wife Jill moved to New Richmond, WI to plant the first daughter church of…

Notes from Family Meeting on 6/10/18

Pastor Brian Wipf opened by welcoming everyone present to the family meeting at 9:45am.  Pastor Brian indicated the leadership’s desire to keep everyone updated on the happenings at FBC.  Today’s goal would be to discuss the agenda, inclusive of four topics and allow for any questions at the end.   Pastor Brian led in prayer for…

Baptism this Summer

Jesus calls all his followers to “Repent and be baptized!” Baptism is our way of saying, “I believe in Jesus! I trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins” just like when I wear a wedding ring to say, “I’m taken! I’m married to my lovely wife!” My ring doesn’t make me married no more…