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Women – SIGN UP for “The Free Gift of Life” study

“The Free Gift of Life,” a study on Romans Free… most people like free, right?             Gift… that’s nice because it’s more personal than just the usual little freebie…                         Life… now that’s precious… Paul’s letter to the Romans has changed the lives of countless people.  It can change you too.  Come and learn of the free gift of […]

Membership Classes Coming

Membership is an important way for followers of Jesus to publicly declare their commitment to the person, message, and mission of Jesus Christ through the local church. The first step in the membership process at FBC is participating in the Membership Class (about a 4-hour course facilitated by Pastor Brian Wipf). Two course options are […]

Planning Baptism Sunday

First Baptist Church:   There are some baptism opportunities being planned for this summer!   If you are interested in learning more about baptism, click HERE to request more information.     One of the most important steps of obedience for followers of Jesus is to be baptized. God rescues and saves sinners by his lavish grace […]