First Baptist Church
Treasuring God, Loving People

Sunday Services

Hundreds of people come to our Sunday services every weekend. We come looking for encouragement and challenges to live a life worth living. Here is what you can expect at our Sunday morning services: A casual but eager atmosphere. We enjoy a comfortable atmosphere where people enjoy one another, but we come eagerly with anticipation for God to encourage and challenge us.

Inspirational music. Singing songs of praise and adoration help direct our hearts Godward in preparation for the teaching of God’s word and reminds and teaches us so powerfully about the greatness of our God. Put to live instrumentation, we enjoy singing meaningful songs of worship from all kinds of generations.

We lay open the scriptures and unashamedly believe God has revealed himself through the Bible. Romans 10:17 states, “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” That is what we want… faith, and faith is produced by hearing the word, the message of Jesus Christ. This is what we proclaim.

A sense of belonging. There are only a few things more meaningful then being part of a community intent on pursuing the greatest treasure imaginable. If you feel alone and separated from something great and momentous, come and participate in this community on Sunday morning.

Fall Sermon Series

Having spent the summer around the theme of Living Hope in 1 Peter, we will be jumping into Peter’s second letter starting Sept 26.  The series is titled “Living Truth” as Peter speaks to the church being challenged with what is true. The book, 2 Peter, catches our attention in a special way as we…

Next Sermon Series

Looking for some hope?  Not the kind that’s here today and then gone tomorrow but the kind nothing can take from you. Join us for the next sermon series through 1 Peter and discover the power of “Living Hope” in our lives.

The Story

The Story truly is the story we are all living. The themes that God has set forth are the very themes that make up any great story. Something beautiful and good is threatened by forces that seem to act contrary to what is good. There is a tension that builds that can only be resolved…

The Story

Everyone loves a good story. We love the development of the characters. We become hooked in as the tension develops through an increasingly complex story line. We experience the forces of both good and evil in the story. We anticipate how the dilemma we have become engrossed in will eventually find its resolution. We cheer…

Armor of God Sermon Series

As we study the book of Ephesians, Pastor Kim will start a 6-week series on the Armor of God beginning June 28. Gather for worship in person or via livestream Sundays at 8:30 or 10:45 AM. Read here for more information on our services.  Check out the other sermons from Ephesians HERE. 

New Sermon Series: Ephesians

The first three chapters of Ephesians tell us what God has done to secure the salvation of his people. The last three chapters instruct his people on how they are to live in light of God’s saving work. Ephesians is rich with doctrines of grace and with practical help for Christian living in the family…

New Series Coming

Several months ago, I asked you to provide me questions or topics you’re eager to hear sermons on from his Word. After several weeks of compiling questions, I’ve settled on the 5 below. My goal is to bring the truth of Scripture to bear on the questions that you are curious about so that your…

Good Question! Coming Sermon Series

By Pastor Brian Wipf What do you wish was preached on more? The scriptures make clear that the people of God need sound teaching. Without sound teaching families get upset (Titus 1:11), people wander off into believing myths and lies (vs. 14), and also slide into ungodliness (1 Tim. 1:9-10). Truthful teaching of God’s word…