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Questions selected

You have submitted your questions and I have put together a sermon schedule for the next 6 weeks. Below are the questions I’ll be addressing in this series. Thanks so much for your participation and I’m sure God will help us think through these questions with his word so we can continue to live with…

Good question sermon series

What questions are you having about God and life? Are you wondering how to faithfully follow Jesus in 2015 in light of all the cultural changes taking place, yet still be a loving presence to others? Submit those questions to me as I am preparing another “Good Question!” sermon series starting Sept. 27. I want…

Help for Parents

Help for Parents By Pastor Brian Wipf During the sermon on April 25th, we saw how God intentionally established the annual Feast of Unleavened Bread so that parents had a regular occasion to remind their children about the amazing grace and power of God.  Kids, just like adults, need to be regularly reminded of their…