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New Sermon Series Coming Soon

Sunday, Nov. 1 we will be starting a 5 week sermon series on Church Leadership. Does that sound like a snoozer to you? It might to some, and I can understand why. We like hearing sermons about exciting or controversial topics like demons, politics and Revelation (Oh, please Lord, have pastor preach from Revelation!)

But in reality, there’s not much more important to the life, vitality and effectiveness of God’s people than godly leaders. Consider this: the Bible doesn’t mandate where God’s people meet, for how long or the particular ministries. There’s no command in the Bible about musical instrumentation, dress codes or an exhaustive list on how money should be used.

But it does say how a church should be led. It should be led by these people, who believe this, who act like that, who do those things for this purpose.

God has woven into the fabric of nature itself the necessity of leadership. Come and learn what leadership should look like for Christ’s church.