Notes from Family Meeting on 6/10/18

Pastor Brian Wipf opened by welcoming everyone present to the family meeting at 9:45am.  Pastor Brian indicated the leadership’s desire to keep everyone updated on the happenings at FBC.  Today’s goal would be to discuss the agenda, inclusive of four topics and allow for any questions at the end.   Pastor Brian led in prayer for God’s help.

Reaching Beyond Building Program Update:

In Bill Hall’s absence, Mark Hoffman gave an update on the RB building program.  Mark encouraged all to extend genuine thanks to Bill Hall for the huge amount of work he has done through the RB building project and continues to do.

Work yet to be done based on the original plan includes:

  • North side of the building: slab for dumpster, curb and blacktop.
  • Second coat of asphalt & lines for the parking lot (6/22/18).
  • Landscaping by FBC (6/23/18).
  • HVAC in room 119; electrical issues to address.

Future work not in the original budget includes:

  • Gym acoustics.
  • Fence between FBC and the Shield’s property.

To date, actual cost versus budget amounts is very close.

Cutting Edge Youth Center Update:

Pastor Brian indicated that John Deml is managing the plan for renovating the Broadway facility into the new youth center.  The goal is to finish by early August, 2018.

Pastor Brian’s Rest and Renewal Leave:

Dan Jacobson indicated that FBC’s policy is to give each pastor a Rest and Renewal Leave every seven years.  Being a pastor is a very difficult calling.  Pastor Brian will be taking an eight week leave, from June 18 to August 13, 2018.  Pastor Brian has submitted a plan as to how he will utilize his time off.  He is not to be involved in any church business or counseling during his leave.   FBC is to pray for Pastor Brian and his family so that he will return with fresh vision and passion to serve at FBC.  He has arranged a pulpit schedule for the summer.

Upcoming Semi-Annual Meeting:

Pastor Brian indicated that action of proposed Bylaw changes were originally discussed about eighteen months ago.  The focus is to more clearly define the roles of FBC leaders. 

Changes include moving from Deacons to an Elder Board who will have responsibilities with the pastors, some of which is occurring already.  There will be some Constitution changes.  The desire is to be more effective.  Some existing committees will not be mandated by the Bylaws but will be active as needed.

The goal is to revise the Bylaws to reflect the way FBC actually operates.

The reason for the delay in voting on the proposed changes was to better communicate with the congregation and to present recommended changes as to the Finance Committee.

To vote and take action on the proposed recommendations, 40% of the Active FBC members must be present at the Semi-Annual Meeting.


  • What is the date of the upcoming Semi-Annual Business Meeting?
    • Sunday, July 22, 2018, 6:30pm, at FBC.
  • Who will be the new pastor when Brian is gone?
    • There will not be a new pastor.
    • Preaching will be mostly covered internally.
    • Mike Evans, trainer of pastors in Africa, currently supported by FBC, will preach three Sundays. Grant Brown and Dan Jacobson will each preach one Sunday.  FBC staff will cover the rest.
    • Pastor Tim Becker will oversee office duties.
  • What is the timeframe to complete the new youth center?
    • Facilities Manager, John Deml, addressed this, first by thanking the demolition and moving crews who worked so effectively to begin the transition from Main Street to Broadway Avenue.
    • John indicated there is electrical work to be done in the next couple of weeks and a small construction wall to be done.
    • John estimates six weeks to complete, leaving a two week cushion with final completion date of August 15, 2018.
    • There is much cleaning and painting to be done, lots of cosmetic work. Many volunteers will be needed.
  • Will the kitchen be updated or not?
    • John Deml indicated the kitchen will need a deep cleaning, then paint; maybe a backsplash.
  • What about the other rooms?
    • Fireside: carpet will be removed; floor will have new laminate.
    • Awana room: small area will be laminated.
    • Old offices: will be repainted but kept locked as will not be used.
    • Lower Level classrooms: rooms and floor will be painted and used by Jr. High students.
    • Security gate will be installed to restrict access to the lower level.
    • Restrooms will be painted.
    • Major project: Sanctuary will be turned into the gym.
      • Pews, ceiling lights, carpeting has been removed.
      • Flooring from the CEYC on Main Street will be installed.
      • False wall will be built on the stage area.
      • Basketball hoops will be installed.
      • Some electrical work is needed.
  • What will the space usage be?
    • Awana room: Senior High worship & multi-purpose room
    • Fireside: Grub crew space (supper meal served here)
    • Sanctuary: Gym
    • Lower level: Junior High
    • Nursery upstairs: will be locked for no access
    • Outdoor space: as needed
  • What is the first day the new youth center will be operational?
    • Wednesday, September 5, 2018.
    • Will probably have an open house.
  • Will the youth center leaders/teachers be introduced to the congregation?
    • Probably via pictures and article in the Body Lifeline.
  • The closing date to sell the CEYC (Cutting Edge Youth Center) on Main Street is June 18, 2018.
  • Pastor Brian gave thanks to John Deml for all of his work in the process of relocating the CEYC from Main Street to Broadway Avenue.

At 10:13 am, there were no further questions or discussion.  Jason Dananay closed with prayer.