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Baptism this Summer

Jesus calls all his followers to “Repent and be baptized!” Baptism is our way of saying, “I believe in Jesus! I trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins” just like when I wear a wedding ring to say, “I’m taken! I’m married to my lovely wife!” My ring doesn’t make me married no more than my baptism makes me a Christian, but baptism is an important act of obedience that Jesus commands as a sign of our loyalty to him.

There will be a baptism service this summer. You may not know much about baptism; that’s ok. FBC Pastors are happy to spend time with you explaining more in detail what God’s word says about baptism and if this might be the right time for you. 

If you have questions about baptism, or you are ready to obey the call to be baptized, submit this form or contact the church office at (715) 748-4936 or office@fbcmedford.com