Youth Parents Meeting

Parent Meeting:  For parents of youth entering 7th – 12th grade.  

Sunday, August 28 from 9:45 – 10:30 am at First Baptist Church

Here we go! It’s hard to believe it, but the school year is only a few weeks away! Every day there is lots of planning and activity going on as we gear up for another awesome year of youth ministry! One of the events that we will use to kick off our youth group year is our parents meeting. We would love to encourage parents of every teen to make plans to attend this meeting! What’s in store?

  • We will give you our youth philosophy. We want you to know the mission and the goals of the student ministries at First Baptist Church. Why is youth ministry so important? What do we emphasize? Why invest time and energy into a youth program? We want to answer those questions!
  • We will give you a look at what Ignite and Elevate will be teaching and studying this fall. We believe that the power of the Gospel changes hearts and lives and points the life of everyone who believes towards following the Savior. Teaching the Bible is of paramount importance for our teenagers. If you commit your teenager to youth group this year, they will receive dozens of hours of teaching from God’s Word. It is time that could not be better spent!
  • We will be giving you the schedule for the fall and even some inside looks at next summer’s plans. This will give you an opportunity to look ahead to get your teen ready to participate in some life-changing opportunities.

Nursery and children/youth activities will be available at FBC during this meeting.  We are eager to come alongside the parents of our FBC teens. Pray with us as we embark on a new year that God would grow mightily in the life of every teenager this fall.

Please contact us with any questions.  

Pastor George Myers, myers@fbcmedford.com

Amber Chaffee, chaffee@fbcmedford.com