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Reaching Beyond Special Business Meeting

This email is to get you the latest information that’s important for our upcoming congregational meeting on Wednesday, June 22 at 6:30pm at FBC. Everyone is welcome to come, but if you are a member or a contributor to the RB fundraising campaign, your presence is especially desired.  Major church decisions like this require that we come together to vote. So please come.
First, if you have thoughts, questions or concerns that you have yet to share that would make an impact on how you vote, please contact the following people before the meeting, if possible. We care about your thoughts and want your input to produce the most effective building to accomplish our mission together.
Secondly, based on the helpful feedback at the May 15 and June 5 informational meetings, the Deacons have made slight adjustments to the motions they will make at the meeting. The board believes the changes help clarify the actions intended.  Updated motions dated June 7, 2016 and current floor plan is available by contacting the FBC Office.  The Building Committee answered questions from the listening session held on June 5, 2016.  Take a look:  RB_Design_Q-A_2106-06-17
Finally, please be in continual prayer. The details are many, the amount of money we are talking about is large, the potential for disharmony is great and the opportunity to minister to others is significant. These are God-sized needs and opportunities. Nothing is too hard for our God!
With hope in God,
Pastor Brian

Past Reaching Beyond Meeting Recaps:  
On May 15, we held an important informational meeting. The purpose of this informational meeting is to share with you the following.
  • Explain the process thus far
  • Reveal the revised site and floor plan
  • Share with you the new and more detailed estimate of cost
A packet of information was provided at the meeting; if you are unable to come to this informational meeting, you can pick one up from the church foyer. 
On June 5, we held a listening session.  The purpose of the this meeting was to hear comments, to respond to questions, and to listen to suggestions about possible adjustments to the recommended plans.