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Political Advice from the Pulpit

What follows is probably the most explicit political advice I can (or want to) give. I like sticking to the gospel, but politics and the gospel do intersect. So, because of that, I think it’s important for me to give some kingdom instruction that helps all of us make faithful political decisions. I want to…

One Church, Many (Political) Opinions

I’m not sure if this is going to be shocking for you to read, but you are worshiping with people who have different political opinions and values than you. You have brothers and sisters who are planning on voting for the other candidate in November for President. Can political supporters of Hillary Clinton break bread…

In God We Trust Sermon Series

2-14:  God is Our Help and Our Shield (Listen to it online HERE) 2-21:  Being Wise in Political Engagement (Listen to it online HERE) 2-28:  God’s Role for the State and its Officials (Listen to it online HERE) 3-06:  A Lesson from History; Germany 1933-1945 (Listen to it online HERE) 3-13:  Should Christians Be Patriotic?…