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A Letter From Mike Barnhart, New Lead Pastor

Hey FBC! It’s a joy to be called by God to be your pastor. I look forward to knowing you, doing life with you, and allowing God to prepare us for eternity, together.

Over the years, I’ve learned that my greatest fear is to be alone. As an introvert, I find that to be an intriguing statement. But, it’s true. I’m energized by my quiet times alone–reading, thinking, praying, resting. However, in a sense, being left alone is terrifying to me.

Therefore, I am thankful to God that He never leaves us alone. He is with us, and He gives us the gift of one another. As King David writes in Psalm 16:3, “As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.” This verse has always been special to me. Consider the language David uses: “saints,” “excellent ones,” and “delight.” Although all people are important, David specifically mentions “saints.” Saints are those who are redeemed (or bought back) by the blood of Christ. They are family–brothers and sisters in Christ. Among saints, we are bonded together by the grace of Christ, and we will be together forever.

David calls these saints, “excellent ones.” This term connotes that Christ’s glory has been imputed to His people. Therefore, we share in Christ’s righteousness, holiness, majesty, and glory. Our value, significance, and worth are informed by Jesus and our abiding relationship with Him.

Finally, David proclaims that his “delight” is in the people of God. David’s joy is in his relationships with God’s people. This is how God wants us to live too. When we encounter God’s transformational work in our lives and trust Jesus’ invitation to become part of the body of Christ, we become people who discover delight in one another. Our joy is in Christ and in our relationships with others in the body of Christ. Jesus redeems us to be saints. He justifies us to become excellent ones of great worth. And, He invites us into a new body-relationship with Himself and others who trust in the Lord.

As your pastor, I look forward to joining you in connecting–together–with Christ and one another.