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Youth Bible Reading & Memory

The best thing anyone can do for their faith and joy in God to flourish is to be in God’s word regularly and to store it in their heart. Students are no exception. This year in Youth Ministry we will be using the Navigators 5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan and Fighter Verses for memory. Our starting week for Bible Reading on the 5x5x5 is week 38 we will be reading 2 Timothy and the Fighter Verses are dated, Proverbs 29:1,11 is our starting verse and the plan is easy to follow. If you have questions let me know.

Our reward is great spiritually when we take time to know our awesome God through his Word. As a fun way to encourage students they will receive a reward from me for digging into the Bible for themselves. If your family has a current bible reading and memory plan let me know. I would be glad to partner with you and reward them for that. If they regularly read and memorize they will receive a reward as quickly as every 6 weeks with the chance to receive $5 off our year end trip every time they hand in a full punch card. Students can go at their own pace and I will be glad to reward them as they engage with the good news of Jesus. To receive the punches they need to bring a parent/adult signed bible reading plan and recite their memory verse to me to receive 2 punches a week (1 punch each) for them. Click on the links below for the plans.

5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan          Fighter Verses