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Posts from March 2021

Church Songs – Women’s Bible Study

Do we really understand what we’re singing? Have you ever raised your Ebenezer?  Just what is a bulwark, anyway? What about that Christmas angel Herald/Harold?  Was that really his first name? Beulah Land. Where exactly is that? A sheave.  Isn’t that a woman’s dress? What about fetters?  Are they for eating like apple fritters? A…

Resurrection Sunday

We are about to celebrate the greatest event In the history of mankind. It has changed more lives than any other event.  In fact it is so amazing that many people don’t even believe it happened.  The event I am talking about is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  I’m sure you know…


Some of us grew up in churches that follow an annual church calendar. If that’s you, you may have memories (good or bad!) when you hear the word “lent.” Way back in church history, lent was not related to Easter, but was a time of preparation for baptism that included fasting. Later, lent became a…