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Advent Season

By Pastor Kim

As we move into the advent season, we once again celebrate the greatest event in human history to date. His Second Coming will be amazing and profound in so many ways, but his first coming is equally profound. God took on human form just like us. 

Over the years I have come to see just how profound this is. Certainly it is profound that he came to save us. We all marvel that he was born to die and pay a ransom for our sin. He also however accomplished something else that many fail to ponder.

God is a Spirit – so what would it be like to see God one day as a Spirit? Amazingly impressive for sure. However, in the incarnation, God took on a body like ours, died, and was raised with a body like ours. Our new resurrected body will be just like His. What that means is that when we see God and we look into his eyes, when we hear His voice, and we feel His embrace that it will be intimate and personal. We will forever be reminded that in spite of His glory and majesty, He has forever taken on human flesh. For all of eternity, we will have a connection with God that is profoundly more personal than had He not come and took on flesh.

This Christmas season, I would encourage you to ponder the wonder of His coming. His second coming will be amazing, but the only reason it will be amazing in a good way for us is because He came the first time. He made a way for us not just to be saved from the penalty of sin but to know Him in an intimate and personal way. He will call us his brothers and sisters and so we shall be. That is about as profound as it gets.