Easter at FBC

It would be a joy to have you celebrate with us at First Baptist Church!  Join us for FBC’s live online streaming service. Subscribe to our YouTube page and follow us on Facebook for notifications and updates from FBC.

Good Friday Service  April 10   1:00 PM
Easter Service   April 12   9:30 AM



Watch via mobile device. We will stream the service from FBC’s YouTube page and will provide links to this on our website and Facebook page.

Watch via TV or Blu-Ray device. If you purchased a TV or Blu-Ray player within the past few years you can probably watch our church service on it! If you turn on your TV or Blu-Ray player and there is a YouTube app, select it. There should be a search bar or magnifying glass icon that takes you to a search screen, and you should search for FBC Medford. (Note that there is a different FBC Medford church in Oregon, so look for our church’s logo. Select it and you will be able to select the most recent service.)

Try it out now. However you can access the service, try it ahead of time so you are all ready for Sunday mornings. If you are having trouble or are unsure how to start, reach out to the FBC Office, and we will do what we can to help you.

Reach out to one another. Connect with a few FBCers. Contact information is available via the online Church Directory, so if you are able, reach out and help one another when you can.

Invite others. In these unknown circumstances, God is still in control. He is faithful. The world needs God just as we all do. So, share FBC’s services, invite friends and family to watch and talk with them about the things of God.