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Month of Gratitude

Walking well before God includes (Eph. 5:20) giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” But that’s hard to do in a world that’s filled with so much trouble, heartache, and sin. That means we have to be intentional; intentional about getting our eyes on the things that are good and praiseworthy, which reminds us of God’s blessing. That’s why I want to encourage you to make November a month of gratitude. I’m going to try and help you see the gifts of God so your heart gives thanks.

The first way to do that is to click HERE and and share about it. We will catalogue your story of God’s gifts along with other stories so we can all give thanks. If you want to leave it anonymous, you can. But I think it’s always nice to know which brother or sister is giving thanks to God. We will look to publish these stories throughout November on Facebook, in the services, so we can all rejoice together.

Make sure to be a part of this month of gratitude so others are encouraged and God is glorified.  –Pastor Brian

Here is what others have shared…