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Good Question! Coming Sermon Series

By Pastor Brian Wipf

What do you wish was preached on more? The scriptures make clear that the people of God need sound teaching. Without sound teaching families get upset (Titus 1:11), people wander off into believing myths and lies (vs. 14), and also slide into ungodliness (1 Tim. 1:9-10). Truthful teaching of God’s word is conduit which God uses to bring the soul-saving power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit (James 1:21).

This is why we are so eager for you to come on Sunday mornings hungry for the preaching of God’s word. There are dangers to our souls all around us and it’s likely that we will fall into those dangers without the faithful preaching of scripture. The instructions we see from James 1:21 are quite helpful and informative for us. That verse says, “Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.” 

Why does James say we are to receive the implanted word? Why doesn’t he just say we need to receive the word? The word implanted reinforces this idea that the word is given to us. The word isn’t like a lost penny we see in the gutter that we can choose (or not choose) to go pick up. The word is entrusted to some (1 Tim. 6:20) so that it can be passed on to others. We need the word taught to us.

That’s why we are to receive it… with meekness. Without receiving the word that’s being implanted by a teacher, it does no good. But this word must be received with meekness, or with humility. What does it look like to receive the word meekly or humbly? It looks like Mary in Luke 10:39 who sat by Jesus’ feet to listen to him teach; in the front row because nobody in the back ever gets an A. It looks like King Josiah when he found the Word of God had it read cover to cover and did everything it said. Meek, humble receivers of the word know they need help and know God has the remedy in his word. Is that how you come to the word of God, my dear brothers and sisters? Do you get ready for worship on Sundays saying, “Lord, I need to sit at your feet this morning and learn your way?” Just imagine how our soul’s would be blessed if we did!

I’m so thankful that so many of you do come with hungry hearts and souls and trust what I have prepared from you from the word. It’s a gift to me, which in turn is a blessing to you. But I’d also like to know from you what you think would help you in your faith. Are there topics, themes, or issues you wish I preached on more? Several times now I have preached a series called “Good Question!” where my sermon topics were based on questions you asked of me. 

Below, I invite you to click and complete a brief questionnaire so I can better know what YOU think would help your faith. I can’t promise I will preach on your specific question or topic; what I can promise is I will prayerfully bring your question to the Lord and see if it something I should turn into a sermon. If I don’t turn your question into a sermon, I would be happy to interact with you on it if you tell me who you are.

So, FBC, help me help you. Let me know your thoughts about possible themes for future sermons. In the meantime, receive the implanted word with meekness because it can save your souls.  CLICK HERE to complete this questionnaire