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75th Anniversary Sharing

By Pastor Brian

The plans are beginning to take shape to celebrate 75 years of God’s grace and provision for FBC later this summer. It was 1944 when FBC was planted and this gospel preaching and believing church started reaching out to Medford and the Taylor County area. It is good and right for us to think back and celebrate the work of God over the years.

We can’t do that without you. You’ve had a bird’s eye view of God at work here at FBC. For some of you, that’s just been the last few years as you’re fairly new to the church family. Others of you have been here over 50 years. And then, of course, we have many in between. In all these years and in all of our lives, God has been at work. I want to chronicle those stories and pass them on to one another and to the generations that will follow us.

To that end, we will be making a historical booklet commemorating our 75th anniversary. The plan is to include historical information, (your) pictures, and (most importantly) your recollections of God’s faithfulness. Let me tell you how you can help.

We are asking every FBCer to share how they have seen God work in the time that you have been here. You could share how God has used FBC to grow your faith. You could highlight the way God has used a certain ministry to help you mature in Christ. You could share a particular story that exhibits or demonstrates the grace of God to our church family. Whoever you are, however long you’ve been a part of FBC, we would like to hear what you have seen God do.

To share your story of God’s grace, fill out THIS Google Form, download THIS PDF, or pick up a hard copy from FBC’s Welcome Center or church office that can be completed and returned to the church office or in the communication box by the Welcome Center. Stories or testimonies of grace should be no more than 250 words. All forms need to be submitted by Friday, May 31. We reserve the right to edit stories to make sure everything fits and stays on message.

The goal, of course, of this effort is to retell the stories of God’s grace to one another so the Lord is lifted high as the Great Sustainer of our faith. I am sure your stories will encourage others just like theirs will encourage you.

Along with a historical booklet, we will also be having a 75th celebration on Sunday, July 28. We will have just one service that morning where we will emphasize together the faithfulness of God through singing, stories, video testimonies, and scripture. Afterwards, we will have a church picnic together. Everything will happen on location here at the FBC facilities.

More details will be coming, especially as we approach July 28. But for now, please consider being a part of our anniversary booklet by sharing your stories, pictures, and evidences of God’s grace over the years here at FBC.