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New Church Directory

By Pastor Brian Wipf

Get ready for a new church directory, FBC! It’s been about three years since our last directory update and do you know what has changed? A lot! There are new babies to include, hairstyles to sport, and different contact information to share. It’s time for a new directory.

Why do we have a church directory and why should you be a part of it? A church directory is a significant way for us to stay connected and encourage each other in the faith. It’s a way of saying to one another, “I’m an FBCer! I’m a part of this church family.” By being included in the church directory we make ourselves available to our FBC family to be a loving presence to others. Let me touch on some very important information you will want to know about the coming directory update.

Primarily Online – We are making an important, strategic decision with this directory update: it’s going to be primarily online. Let me outline how this will make some big differences.

  1. You will be able to access our church directory online via your personal device with an app or on your computer.
  2. You will be the one who updates your personal information. You get to pick your family picture, primary phone number and anything else you’d like your church family to know. The church office can update this information for you; you will simply need to make sure you get all your information to us.
  3. There will be no need to wait for a new directory. This directory will always be as new and updated as we all make it by adding our new information.

Access and Privacy – You will have access to the link for the online directory two ways. First, you will be given a link to the directory in an upcoming email. Secondly, we will have a link to the directory on our website. So, if you forget the URL, you can always go to the church website to access the directory.

This directory will be password protected and completely private to the FBC family. The general public will not have access to any of your information. And your church family will only have access to the general contact information you provide. Online privacy and security is very important in our world today and you can have complete confidence that everything will be kept secure and private.

Printed Version – We are well aware many of you do not use online tools on a regular basis and would prefer having a printed copy. We are happy to assist you in this way. Here’s information you will want to know about a printed version of the directory.

  • The printed version will simply be on regular paper printed in our church office. It won’t be spiral bound or on glossy print.
  • To cover the cost of printing and paper, we’re charging $5 for a printed copy of the directory.
  • We want to give the FBC family 1 full month to update their information so that the printed copies are as up to date as possible. The church office will begin printing these directories on May 6. So, make sure to update your information prior to this date so your most recent info is in the printed versions.

How to be included – If you are currently a part of our church family by being a member, by having a church mailbox, by being a part of our flash email list, you will be included in the directory unless you indicate otherwise. The initial information that will be displayed in the directory is what we currently have on record so make sure to update your info.

We know many of you are new to FBC. If you’ve made FBC your home church and would like to be included in the directory, please let us know by filling out a communication card and selecting the “I’d like to make FBC my home church” box. We will include you in the directory if you do.

We will be sending you all an email at the end of the week for you to begin updating your information and viewing the directory. If you do not get an email, it’s probably because we don’t have current information or don’t know you want to be a part of it; simply contact the church office. If you do not use online tools, contact the church office so we can do it for you.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We want to assist you. In the meantime, pray for your church family and thank God for your brothers and sisters in Christ.