Worship Services | Sundays | 8:30 AM & 10:45 AM

Men’s Retreat: Sign up OPEN

Friday, February 1 at 6 PM – Sunday, February 3 at noon. Fellowship, food, and teaching at Hall Haven on Spirit Lake. This retreat is for any post high school aged man and the cost is FREE. It is a good opportunity for a weekend away from your normal responsibilities so you can be refreshed by God.

We’ll begin with a great Friday dinner and then continue through the weekend with more food, teaching, and conversation focused on Word of God, as well as friendship and recreation with other men. Recreation includes pool, ping pong, pin ball, snowmobiling, ice fishing, broomball, board games, and more.

FBC’s Pastors, Brian Wipf & Tim Becker, will be speaking about “Sex, Power, and Money: Gift or Goal.” These three are big themes in the lives of men. Some of us worship them; that is, getting them is the goal. Many of us understand they are dangerous. Yet, are all three gifts from God? If so, how might we enjoy them as gifts without making them dangerous driving goals?