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Pastor Appreciation Month

October is a special time to show thanks and gratitude to pastors and their families. God has blessed FBC with some amazing pastors who serve sacrificially for the glory of God’s Kingdom. Thank you Pastor Brian, Pastor Tim, and Pastor George!


A Pastor’s Heart

A pastor’s heart is Protective 
and guards his flock from Satan’s snares.

A pastor’s heart is Attentive 
and seeks to know his people’s cares.

A pastor’s heart is Sacrificial 
and for his sheep will give its all.

A pastor’s heart is Tender 
and listens to the Spirit’s call.

A pastor’s heart is Obedient 
and heeds the Master’s commands.

A pastor’s heart is Reflective 
and considers he is but a man.

~by Deanna Malawy of Okawville, IL