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Blood Drive Coming to FBC

We have a unique way to serve our community. FBC will be hosting a blood drive on Wednesday, June 14 from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM in our church facilities. We will be partnering with the American Red Cross.

The primary reason we are doing this is because God calls us to serve others. There is an ongoing need for blood. If we were in need of a blood transfusion, we’d be really happy that others donated their blood to save our lives. Well, let’s do unto others the way we’d want them to do unto us. In this way, friends, we fulfill God’s greatest commandment. In addition, it’s a great way to tell our community, “We care for you and for the needs of others.” I pray that the name of Jesus Christ will be exalted through this opportunity.

You can help several different ways.

  1. We need some volunteers to provide some administrative help throughout the day. The kind of help I mean includes checking people in, showing them where they can be seated and providing refreshments. Simple stuff like that. To host this blood drive, we need some volunteers.
  2. Come and give blood. Be a contributor to this need. Every day hospitals are giving blood to patients in need. That means the daily contributions are needed. Be a part of the solution.
  3. Spread the word. We’re hoping many people in our community hear of this opportunity and come. Who knows? Maybe they’ll pick up a sermon CD or one of our minibooks in an area where they struggling. It’s great way to introduce people to FBC.

Contact the church office at (715) 748-4936 or office@fbcmedford.com if you’d like to learn more information about serving as a volunteer.