Worship Services | Sundays | 8:30 AM & 10:45 AM

Cat & Dog Theology Conference at FBC

FREE Conference for the entire family!  

Saturday, March 4   4:00-7:00 PM  (Catered dinner provided.)  Registration is closed for Saturday’s sessions.  

Sunday, March 5    8:30 -or- 10:45 AM    No registration required for the Sunday session.  Come either time to partake in the conference. 

What is Cat & Dog Theology?

No, it’s not for veterinarians or pet spiritualists.  UnveilinGlory presents Cat & Dog Theology using an illustration of “cats and dogs” and how each relates to its master. Cat & Dog Theology challenges us to see how we tend, like a cat, to use our Master mainly for getting what we want rather than serving our master, like a dog.  The illustration points out the difference between “us living for God” and “God living for us.”

Cat & Dog Theology presents unique, memorable, Scripture-based sessions communicating our need to re-think our relationship with our Master (God) for the purpose of calling us away from our self-centeredness and to focus on the glory of God.  “Me-ology” (studying the Scriptures with a focus on me) -vs- “Theology” (the study of God). 

The Adult Sessions are for students grade 6 to adult.  

Get a sneak peek of Session 1:  VIDEO CLIP

Why Come?

Renee and Tim Becker




Listen to testimony from Renee Becker.  

Children’s Sessions & Childcare

For Grades 1-5:  Cat & Dog Theology presents Children’s Sessions that parallel the adult teaching in a fast-paced, kid-friendly way.  

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Prayer
  • Missionary Stories
  • Games
  • Crafts & Activities
  • Songs

For Kindergarten and Preschoolers (age 3-4):  FBC teachers have developed God-centered curriculum will be taught through age appropriate activities, games, and crafts.  

Nursery:  Certified volunteers will provide childcare for children ages 0-36 months.