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Sign up for Men’s Retreat

Friday, Feb 17 at 6:00 PM to Sunday, Feb 19 at Noon.  At Hall Haven.  FREE!   This retreat is for all post high school aged men. It is a good opportunity for a weekend away from your normal responsibilities so you can be refreshed by God. 

We’ll begin with a terrific Friday dinner at 6 PM and then continue through the weekend with more great food, teaching and conversation focused on Word of God, as well as friendship and recreation with other men. Recreation possibilities are pool, ping pong, pin ball, snowmobiling, ice fishing, broomball, board games, and more.  We’re going to run a Chili Cook-off on Saturday’s lunch. If you want the recognition and admiration that comes with being the Finest Chili Cook (!), then indicate that you are interested in entering this contest when you register for the retreat. 

Our speakers this year are Pastor Brian and Pastor Tim. The theme is Leadership: Your Life – Your Leadership. We are not all up-front leaders, and yet God has called every man to lead in some areas. Life demands it. For some, they are a leader at work. Others lead at home as a father. Others provide leadership in a church ministry or in the community. What is leadership? Why does it matter? Where does it come from?  Guys, we hope you will come out for this retreat!