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Awana Ministry

Every Wednesday night, FBC is transformed, as almost 200 kids take over every nook and cranny of our church. We’ve had a great start this fall at Awana, and are excited to see how the clubbers are memorizing God’s Word, and having a lot of fun at the same time. We are so grateful to all the volunteers that help each week, and want to thank you for your prayers for these kids.

We’ve had a couple great events already. Our kickoff night in September brought many new children to Awana. In October, we had our annual “Long Line Night,” where kids brought in non-perishable food items to fill up our food pantry. Along the way, we’ve also had Silly Socks night, Goofy Glasses night, and are looking forward to “2 By 2” Night, where we encourage our clubbers to bring a friend. 

We’ve also had a few leadership changes. In my new role as Awana Commander, I am excited to work alongside veteran club directors, like the Cubbies Directors Matt & Jennifer Moodie, and Teeney Beidel and Leigh Henline, our Sparks directors. We’ve also welcomed new leaders to our Truth & Training directors, Dan and Laura Jacobson.

If you have a child in Awana, or know a child in Awana, I’d ask you to stop and pray for them, and for all the clubbers we host each week. Over half of our clubbers each week come from families that do not attend any church. We have a great opportunity (and responsibility) to share God’s Word and love with them. We would also love to have your help, as running these clubs takes many hands. If you’re interested in volunteering in Awana, please contact the FBC office. Thanks for your support, FBC!