Awana | Cancelation Update & Policy

Each year it is usually necessary to cancel club one or two times.  The decision to cancel is always difficult – on one hand we live in Wisconsin so we should be able to handle anything, right? But…we need to also be smart and be mindful of the safety of our clubbers and leaders.  We realize that these decisions can always be second-guessed…and yes, we may get it wrong either way!  Please grant us understanding – we make the best decision we can. In general, our policy for cancellations is as follows:

First and foremost, if at any time a leader or parent of clubber feels that conditions are such that they do not want to travel, they SHOULD NOT TRAVEL. That decision trumps anything and they will never be questioned on that decision. We want people to be free to make the decision regarding their own safety and comfort. We ask that leaders attempt to find a sub or call their director or the commander and let them know.


If the Medford schools are cancelled or closed early, Awana will be cancelled.  When Awana is cancelled, we post/communicate via the following:

  • Awana Club Text Notification for weather-related cancellations & emergencies only
  • WIGM/K99 and WAOW radio and website (try to air around 5 PM)
  • Signs on doors of church
  • FBC’s website (if office staff is available)
  • Email notification (if office staff is available)


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