Prayer gathering in just 3 weeks

On Sunday, Oct. 18 we will gather again for our corporate prayer gathering. We’ve been calling this event 3Ps@FBC for years. The evening will consist of prayer and praise (sometimes, it includes pies or potluck!). It’s a chance for FBCers to gather together and ask God to do what only he can do.

Here are some common questions

Do I have to pray in front of other people? ANS. No, you won’t have to do any public praying if you don’t want to.

Will there be childcare? ANS. We provide childcare for children 0 – 36 months. Children older than this we want to be a part of this evening to begin learning that God’s people pray.

Why are we doing this? ANS. Because God’s people pray together. And what we need done in our lives we can’t do ourselves; only God can do it. So we pray.

If you have questions, please me (wipf@fbcmedford.com or 715.748.4936) and I’d be happy to answer your questions. Check out our event page for the details.