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Hello Parents!
I am hopeful that your kids have been enjoying having a grub crew meal on Wednesday evenings before youth group.  If I may, I would love to give a little bit of background on our Grub Crew program.
We have a group of about 10 volunteers that take 2-3 time per school year to supply a main dish of a meal.  These volunteers purchase and prepare the food for the meal they decide to make.  These amazing volunteers are purchasing food to make enough meals for, at one point, up to 90 junior & seniors highers each week!!!  We also have 3 volunteers that provide side items each week, such as apples, oranges, chips and cookies.  We then have a volunteer that purchases and prepares the side dishes and desserts to go along with the main dish that is brought.  The meals are then served to the kids by 2 more awesome volunteers.  This program would not be possible without these people.  We are so grateful for each and every one of them serving your kids in this way each week.
We are looking for parents that are willing to partner with us and help supplement this program so that we can continue to make sure each student not only gets a meal, but enough food each Wednesday.  Here are some ways that you, as a parent, can partner with us:
  1. Be willing to supply side items.  This includes fruits, vegetables, chips, desserts (homemade or store bought).  Even if you are only able to bake cookies one week for the rest of this school year – that’s great.  Every little bit helps.
  2. Be willing to give any amount financially to the Grub Crew Fund.  This money helps purchase all the side dishes.
  3. Be willing to partner with a Grub Crew volunteer – either to help them purchase the food they need or help them prepare the food.
If you are able to step in, in any of these ways please contact Kari at kjkapitz@hotmail.com with how you would like to help.  From, there she will be in contact with you on specifics.
We have been trying to have a few more options for your kids to have in the cafe for purchase after school.  We know that they are usually starving when they get there.  One thing that we have tried is having Kwik Trip pizza hot and ready.  Kwik Trip bakes the pizza which we pick up.  Kwik Trip also donated a pizza warmer for us to have in the cafe to keep the pizza warm.  Thank you Kwik Trip! Many of the kids are excited about this – but do not buy any. The reason – they forgot money.  We have been charging $2 per slice so that we can cover the cost of buying the pizza. We have been brainstorming ways to help them get their pizza!  Here is what we are thinking:
  1. Are you willing to a buy a Pizza Card for your kid?  For $10 you can buy a punch card that would get your kid 5 slices of pizza.  You can purchase the card in the church office or at the CEYC.  Because kids would then lose or forget that card…. we will keep the cards labeled with their names in the youth center cafe so that we can punch them when they buy a slice.
If this is something you would like to do, please email Kari at kjkapitz@hotmail.com.