Bible Reading Plans

As your pastor, God gives me responsibility to help you with the care of your soul. Reading God’s word is as vital for the health of your soul as good food is for the health of your body.

Pastor Mike, George and I would like to urge you to put into the rhythm of your 2024 year The Kingdom Bible Reading Plan. Copies are on the wall to the right of the Welcome Center in the foyer or you can download a digital copy here.

The plan reads through 4 sections of Scripture each day. This takes about 20 min each day, 25 days each month. At that pace, you will read through the entire Bible in the year. What a great help for your soul this would be. If 20 min each day sounds like more than you could accomplish, then divide the plan in two, reading just 2 of the 4 passages each day. At that pace, you’d read through the entire Bible in two years. Still wonderful nourishment for your soul. I began this practice about 17 years ago now and as the months went by, I began to see God and my life differently. And then as the years went by, each year reading through the Bible, I began to have greater clarity about how God’s word applied to my life. I urge you to pick up a plan and make it one of your 2024 healthy habits.

If the year-long plan feels unachievable, then consider cutting it in half so that you’d read two chapters a day, and complete reading through the entire Bible in 2 years.  

We’ve also created two additional resources. One is a simplified Bible reading plan to jumpstart you in seeing and tasting the goodness of being in God’s Word daily. The second is a 4 week Bible memory challenge.  These resources are all linked below and you can find them as a hard copy at the FBC Welcome Center. 

Kingdom Bible Reading Plan

Simplified Bible Reading Plan

Bible Memory Challenge

Pastor Tim