Worship Services | Sundays | 8:30 AM & 10:45 AM

Fall Adult Sunday School: Joshua

Starting September 13th at 9:45am, we’ll be studying the book of Joshua in adult Sunday school. Many Christians struggle to know how to understand and interpret the Old Testament. One big goal for this class is to help us learn how to do these by working through the book of Joshua week by week.

Joshua is not mainly about historical battles, but is about God. The book shows God giving mercy to his people and yet warning them against the dangers of rebellion and disobedience. Thus the main point of our study will not be to learn history (although we will learn some), but to more clearly see the God who acted in the past. We want to see this, so that our faith will increase in the God who is continuing to act now.

We began this study 2 falls ago and we’ll be continuing it in Joshua chapter 10. Don’t stay away because you missed the past classes. I’m confident that God will bless your soul as you jump in with us.

Hungering for more of God,

Pastor Tim