First Baptist Church
Treasuring God, Loving People

Link 2022

Fun and fellowship for everyone!

Invite your neighbors, friends and family in a time to reconnect and to share in great fun!

Enjoy a new activity each Sunday!

June 12 Chalk and Bubbles – Sorry you missed this one!  Come join us for Open Gym on June 26!!

Whether you are 5 or 55, come outside and show off your skills with some chalk art.  There will be stations with prompts that will guide you and your creativity.  You can do one prompt or all of them; it’s up to you.  Prizes will be awarded to the crowd favorites.  Bubbles will be available for additional fun.  Even if chalk art or bubbles are not for you, make sure to grab a donut and some coffee and get to know some fellow FBCers!

June 26 Open Gym & Fellowship 

We will have an open gym on one side and coffee and donuts on the other!  Come with your whole family.  Kids can enjoy shooting hoops, hoola hoops, scooters and more while adults can enjoy connecting!

July 10 Kickball for All!  

Join us for Kickballapalooza!  Come play in the game (we’ll accommodate players of all ages) or cheer and enjoy a donut and coffee from the sidelines.  We’ll play on the lawn behind the church if the weather cooperates or in the gym if it doesn’t.  Hope to see you there!

July 24 S’mores Sunday

Come enjoy a good ole campfire S’more for late summer!   Look forward to seeing you there!!