First Baptist Church
Worship Services
Sundays 8:30 AM & 10:45 AM

Women’s Study – Confident Christianity

A 6-week women’s Bible study out of Colossians

Why study Colossians?  It happened in 60AD.  It can happen today.  People & entire churches, who start out well as Christians, can end up light years from the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They may still talk about Jesus, but their focus has shifted from the fundamental truths of who He is & what He has tone, to other things, other alternative ways, other ideas & schools of thought.  Sadly, Jesus Christ & His saving death are no longer enough.

Paul shows us not just a better way, but the only true way to grow & be fruitful as a Christian believer & not be enticed to add to what Jesus has already done for us.  Facilitated by Barb Enerson. 

Sign Up!  Deadline for group book order is Sept 9. *Cost: $8 to cover the book if part of the group book order. You can still sign up for the class after that deadline but would need to order your own book.